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IPPON GEAR sets the course for the future

Good news spread fast and of course we won’t keep them secret. IPPON GEAR is very proud of the cooperation with our partners over the past 4 years.

And therefore we have to say THANK YOU to all our great partners!

We are glad to be able to plan the future at an early stage and the contract renewals of many of these partnerships, especially in troubled times like these, are a big proof of trust.

Especially in difficult times, solidarity and personality are under proof. This was shown by the past months which brought us even closer together. Therefore, we are very happy and proud, that the cooperations with the national teams of Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Denmark and the Czech Republic as well as the top athletes Lukas Krpalek and Matthias Casse could be extended for another 4 years.

Furthermore, the contracts with Bilal Ciloglu, Mikita Svyrid, Jorre Verstraeten, Jente Verstraeten, Sanne van Dijke as well as Yael van Hemst continue to run successfully. We are pleased to see that all our partners made the best out of these difficult times and show the trust in further cooperation with IPPON GEAR.

We are positive and looking forward to the common time after COVID-19 and to a fantastic year 2021. Together, we will go on the road to Paris 2024.

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