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Color Your Kids - Ippon Gear


Ippon Gear - Color Your Kids

Kids are chasing dreams, love specials things and colors!


We brainstormed many possibilities how to make a judo uniform modern but not cheesy and to keep in line with the great tradition of Judo.


To follow our vision "BE WHAT YOU WANNA BE...BE THE FUTURE" we want to present our creative top-model, the IPPON GEAR FUTURE!

Ippon Gear Future Special Edition

Besides the classic plain white version the Ippon Gear Future is available as a special edition. The Ippon Gear Future Special Edition comes with a great looking highlight stitching along the lapel. This highlight stitching is available in all belt colors which enables you to combine your belt with your uniform!


Check out our modern Ippon Gear Future and make your kids the trendsetter in your dojo or on the tatami! The Ippon Gear Future is available from size 100 to 160 and starts from 24€!