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Two Champions League Champions, TSV Abensberg and JSV Speyer.


Clubs are base of each federation forming future heros of the sport or offering a broad programme for the mass sports.


The Ippon Shop appreciates and respects this mostly volunteer job of the clubs and wants to support gyms to contribute its part in the big picture. Each athlete needs the right equipment, each club needs a reliable partner and supplier. The Ippon-Shop has this overall package and wants to make the athlete's and club's life easier supporting both in all aspects.


Our service...

...Martial Arts equipment at the highest level, to enable athletes to reach the full potential. 


...Special conditions for clubs, to support reliable clubs with special prices for our full range.


...Refinement service for all products, we offer embroideries, prints, patches and any other refinement you are thinking about.


...high quality Teamwear, to give your team a professional and unique look.


Our order process for clubs:

1. Click on "Request Club Account" and send us your information requested in our club information form.

2. Afterwards we create a club account for you and will supply you with your login data.

3. Using your login data you are enabled to login to your account and see your discount prices directly in the shop. In this way you can easily place your orders online and get the discount prices.


Many clubs already trust in the Ippon-Shop service and we proudly work with the biggest clubs and federations since many years! 


Our Top-Partners:

Judo: Czech Judo Federation, Hungarian Judo Federation, Austrian Judo Federation, TSV Abensberg, JSV Speyer, UJKC Potsdam, JC Wiesbaden, TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen, SUA Witten Annen, UJZ Mühlviertel, Samurai Vienna, Galaxy Tigers Vienna, ShidoSha Berlin, etc.


Karate: Karate Bregenz, Teikyo Karte Team Kaiserslautern, Sport Club Banzai Berlin etc.


BJJ: Team Sanefighting München, Fight Fusion Regensburg, Kongs Gym, PSV Karlsruhe, Pound4Pound, Munich MMA, Jan Basso Jiu Jitsu, Academy of Martial Arts Freiberg, etc.