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When it comes to simple and effective takedowns, arm dragging is probably ranked among the highest on that list. Especially when it comes to players who might not have as much experience on their feet.
The triangle choke submission is a really handy tool in a BJJ player's belt. Ultimately, it can be the deciding factor in a match. True competitors love submissions and utter domination. A mistake that is all too common, especially for novice athletes, is to celebrate too soon.
Jiu Jitsu problems are so commonplace, it can feel like you never get a break from working through them when on the mats. In practice, that's a great trait! When you hit the mats for competition, you don't want to be pondering how to solve a problem. In competition you need to know what will work...
Encountering specialists in the guard can be a real pain when the clock is winding down. The lasso guard passing is a really useful tactic when coming across guard specialists. The lasso is something seen constantly in gi jiu-jitsu. It can be an excellent offensive tool in addition to a really...
You’re familiar with the phrase “less is more.” That same concept can be applied to takedowns for BJJ. You don’t have to have the fanciest and most elaborate takedown, you just have to have one that works. And execute it like an absolute savage.
Oftentimes it can be really frustrating to be working an opponent who stays low. When your opponent has that naturally low resting stance, it can make it feel like you simply cannot get anywhere near them. The funny thing about this sport is we need to get close in order to do anything!
3 years ago, Ippon-Shop started to dedicate lots of work and men power into the exciting sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the distribution of adidas BJJ products and the organization of several Jiu Jitsu events. After 15 years of adidas distribution, Ippon-Shop joins forces with an American BJJ...