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The highlight of 2020 should have been the Olympics. However, due to the given circumstances that was postponed. A few weeks ago, the World Judo Tour returned and now following the same IJF protocol, Czech Republic hosts the EJU Senior European Championships. We were looking forward to seeing our Czech athletes fight on home turf but understandably the tournament will be without any spectators. But we know they will still bring that fire of fighting on home ground!

With the Olympics postponed this will be our highlight of the year and we are excited to see who will be crowned the 2020 European Champion! The home favourite is Olympic and World Champion Lukas Krpalek in +100 kg. It will be his first tournament back since the Masters last year in December, but we know that he is prepared for this. Lukas just turned 30 a few days ago, the gold medal would be the perfect present. He will fight on the 21st of November.

World Silver medallist of Belgium Matthias Casse in the -81 kg will also have his foot steps back on the mat this weekend. The Belgian always produces magnificent judo and will be going into this tournament as the number one seed while trying to defend his European Games title from last year. His teammate Jorre Verstraeten stepped on the podium last year and we are excited to see him fight for the medals once again. From their neighbour country, Dutch Sanne Van Dijke will be fighting in the -70kg class and trying to get her second European Title. In the same category, we also have Barbara Matic. She just won the Budapest Grand Slam in style and won a bronze medal at last years European Games and she will definitely want to top that.

Also, from Hungary is Hedvig Karakas. The 57 kg fighter is the number four seed and with her amazing ashi-waza followed by her quick transitions to the ground she will be one to watch out for.

We have a great and exciting weekend of judo in sight and we will enjoy it since this will be the last tournament of 2020. Make sure to watch it on from Thursday when the lightweights will go first until Saturday were the heavyweights take the stage.

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