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The 2018 version of the "Alvor Judo Camp" was attended by two "heroes" of Judo Português João Pina and João Neto both European Champions and Olympic Athletes among other great achievements.

The 5th edition of the stage was held in Alvor, Portimão in the Portuguese Algarve and welcomed more than 100 athletes from several Portuguese clubs, Spain and Luxembourg.

It is a young training camp, that little by little has grown in the number of participants but has always presented great coaches and guests. The event is organized  by the UFAD - Judo Alvor and the director of the event is coach Cristian Alderete Bernal, trainer of champions, ex - champions who resides in Portugal for more than 12 years, contributing to the growth of judo mainly in the young categories.

It was an excellent event for new generations of Portuguese judo, who had the opportunity to start the season in great conditions. One highlight was the participation of the UFAD - Judo Alvor  athlete Teresa Santos who will participated in the latest Junior European Championship in Bulgaria on behalf of the Portuguese national team.

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