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This weekend, the first Junior European Judo Cup of the year was being held - The traditionally strong St Petersburg European Cup. This year, a lower number of different nations were presented and the competition was highly dominated by Russia. Nevertheless, three Ippon Gear athletes managed to pick up a medal.

First and foremost there was a gold medal for Marin Visser of the Netherlands in the category under 70 kg. The only 17 years old Visser moved up in both weight- and age category this year, but what a start for her. The Dutch women have a great tradition in this weight category and the former Cadet European Champion, will sure be one to watch this year.

Furthermore there was a silver medal for Richard Sipocz of Hungary in the category over 100 kg. The double Cadet European Champion wasted no time and managed to beat two Russian opponents on his way to the final, where he lost out with a single score after a long and even match going into Golden score. A good start into the year for this young man in his first year of Juniors.


In the category under 81 kg Sipocz’s team mate Robert Rajkai picked up a bronze medal. Last year Rajkai won two Junior European Cup medals but did as well end up with 5th places not less than 5 times including both at the European- and World Championships. As well, a good kick off into the year for this Hungarian who will be a good contender for one of the top spots in this category. 

In the same category, another Hungarian, Zsombor Kurtan ended with a 7th place. In the category under 100 kg Peter Arvai of Hungary ended with a 5th place. The Hungarian had a good performance through out the day and just narrowly missed a spot on the podium. In the same category, Zsombor Veg, also of Hungary, ended with a 7th place. In the -90 kg category, another Hungarian, Roland Goz also ended with a 7th place.

In the category under 66 kg, Hungarian Bence Pongracz, ended with a 5th place after a tough day. After two preliminary matches going into Golden score he could find himself in the semi final, which he unfortunately lost after another tough fight going to Golden score. Afterwards Pongracz unfortunately lost in the bronze medal fight as well, but a good performance from the Hungarian. In the category under 60 kg, a 7th place went to David Kleiber of Austria. 

Three medals for the Ippon Gear team in this first Junior European cup of the year, which was very dominated by the home nation, congratulations to the medal winners, Marin Visser of the Netherlands and Richard Sipocz and Robert Rajkai, both from Hungary. Next stop on the Junior European Cup Tour, will be Coimbra, Portugal in one month.

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