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Since 2016, IPPON GEAR is the main Judogi Supplier and Partner for the European Judo Union. During the European Judo Championships in Portugal, IPPON GEAR and the EJU prolonged their bond for another 12 months.

“As a European Judo brand, the development of Judo in Europe is a key mission for us at IPPON GEAR. Therefore, we teamed up with the EJU in 2016, to increase the spread of Judo and to support each other in projects for the growth of Judo in clubs, schools and national federations throughout Europe.

Especially the engagement of the EJU to bring Judo into schools and to get kids in touch with our beloved sport at an early stage, was and is a key argument for this partnership. We clearly believe in the same values, the Judo values.

Because of the pandemic, Judo is experiencing the most critical period since decades. Nearly all schools, gyms and sports clubs are shut down or are facing restrictions to prevent the spread of infection.

Even though we see light at the end of the tunnel, the most difficult time is still ahead, the time after COVID-19. This will be the time, when we have to bond all the power of the Judo family, to re-build the clubs, to bring Judoka back to the gyms, to attract new members and to convince the people out there of the important values of our sport. Values that have suffered a lot during the last months and will be more important than ever before.

Therefore, it was an easy decision, to prolong the partnership with the EJU. Together, we agreed on a 12-month plan to contribute to the rebirth of our sport and to support clubs and national federations along the way.

Thanks to the EJU and President Sergei Soloveichik for the trust in IPPON GEAR. We are proud to be the EJU’s main partner and we are looking forward to all upcoming projects and events together.


Stefan Kneitinger

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