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COVID-19 NEWS UPDATE: Olympic Games postponed to 2021

New COVID-19 cancellations complicate Olympic Judo Qualification It started with the cancellation of the Grand Prix in Rabat, Morocco last weekend, alongside with a number of tournaments for Cadets and Juniors hosted by the European Judo Union. Now, the IJF chose to close down all Olympic qualifying events until the end of April, including the Judo Grand Slam in Ekaterinburg this weekend.

“We are in the unfortunate position where we must take a drastic decision in order to protect the judo family and also to comply with the general safety measures all around the world”, IJF writes on their webpage.

It is yet to be clarified whether the IJF will change the qualification events and/or procedure of qualifying. In case, there will be no compensation tournaments, the cancellation of the other events, will affect especially those athletes who are just on the edge of qualifying, and that raises the question, “is this fair?” and by that, “is this in the Olympic spirit?”

UPDDATE 24.02.2020: Olympic Championships to be held in 2021!

Now, it is official. The Olympic Championships will be postponed to 2021. The IOC made it public and couldn't hold the pressure anymore.

UPDATE 20.03.2020: European Judo Championships Prague postponed to June 19-21!

To get through this turbulent time healthy and to experience a great European Championship, please stay at home as often as you can. Help those who need help and take care of yourself.
Stay healthy!

UPDATE 11.03.2020: Olympic Games Qualification Extended

The IJF informs on their webpage:

- The olympic qualification period will be extended until 30th June 2020

- The Continental Championships planned in period until 30th April 2020 will be postponed

- All Cadet and Junior events are also cancelled until 30th April 2020

 Stay tuned!

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