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Get your martial arts suit embroidered directly in the Ippon Shop

Not only the karate sport is back in the IPPON SHOP with the worldwide leading karate brand Arawaza. With our own embroidery department, we have also taken our embroidery service to a new level.

Embroidery of textiles is the highest quality form of textile finishing. No matter if club logo, emblem, or individual motive, we embroider your Karate, Judo or BJJ Gi according to your wishes fast, flexible and in high quality.

Especially for our kids the embroidery of different martial arts suits with the club logo is a great idea to identify directly with the club. For our competitors, embroidering the logo on their martial arts suit is the most beautiful way to appear as a team. Also, very popular is the possibility to have your own martial arts belt embroidered with your name or japanese Kanji.

All this is made possible by the IPPON SHOP. Many colours, many possibilities. We will do our best to fulfil all your wishes.

At the start of the season and as a support after the hard Covid19-time, we decided to sponsor you the embroidery setup with the value of 59,95 €*. Embroideries, no matter if on your belt, your logo (up to 10cm) on your suit, bag or trousers will be charged at 7,50 €/pc.

Feel free to contact us. We are happy to advise you.


*The special offer is limited until 15.10.2020.

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