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This weekend, another Junior European Judo Cup was held, this time in Kaunas, Lithuania. Four athletes from the IPPON GEAR team managed to pick up a medal in the Lithuanian capital, congratulations to all!

On the opening day of competition, there was a silver medal for Marlene Galandi of Germany in the category under 70 kg. Galandi was on great form and wasted no time on her way to the final, winning all of her preliminary matches with ippon. A small slip in the final cost the victory for Galandi but nevertheless a great performance from Galandi at her first appearance on the Junior circuit this year. 

In the same category, Cadet European Champion Marin Visser of the Netherlands just missed out on a podium spot. Visser as well had a good performance and managed to get all the way to the semifinal, where she was stopped by Galandi. Unfortunately, Visser had to settle for a 5th place in the end of the day but can still be happy with her performance. 

Same thing applied for Szofi Ozbas of Hungary in the -63 kg category. Ozbas did as well manage to take herself to the semifinal, where she unfortunately lost out after a very tough match, which was decided after almost four minutes of Golden Score. Also, the bronze medal match went to overtime but also that, unfortunately didn’t end in the favour of Ozbas. The Hungarian did a good job on the day and even though she had to settle for a 5th place, she can be proud of the fighting spirit and persistence she showed throughout the day. 


On the second day of action, the Hungarian team had something to cheer for, as three athletes were able to pick up a medal. 

First and foremost, the gold medal in the -81 kg category went to Benedek Tóth, who showed really good judo throughout the day. Tóth has not not been competing since the U23 European Championships last year and what better way to return to competition than by taking a gold medal and raise the flag for Hungary. 

Also teammate, Peter Arvai came close but ended up with a silver medal in the category under 100 kg. Arvai, as well, had a good performance on the day and could be happy about picking up his first European Cup medal this season. 

In the same category, teammate Zsombor Veg just missed out on a podium spot. Veg seemed to be on good form and won all of the preliminary rounds by IPPON, qualifying him for the semifinal. Here, he unfortunately fell short against the later gold medalist and in the end of the day, Veg had to settle for a 5th place. Nevertheless, he showed a good performance and as well, a good result for Hungary to end up with two fighters in the top 5 in this category. 


In the category under 90 kg, a bronze medal went to Roland Goz. Goz recently fought for a medal in the European Cup in Lignano, Italy where he just missed out and ended with a 5th place. This time, Goz could be happy about changing that result into a medal - his first one of the season. 

In the same category, Goz’ teammate Mate Iklodi came close to a podium finish but narrowly missed out. Goz showed good judo throughout the day and will be gutted about having to settle for a 5th place, but a good performance from the Hungarian, who will sure be motivated to change the 5th place for a medal, like teammate Roland Goz. 

Also, three 7th places went to Donat Varga (+100 kg) and Rosa Gyertyas (-52 kg) both from Hungary and Mathias Madsen of Denmark (-100 kg) 

Already next weekend, there will be more action to come for the Junior athletes, as the Junior European cup Tour will move to Malaga. Stay tuned, as we will cover all action from Spain!

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