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It was an eventful Judo weekend for the Ippon Gear team. The EJU Cadet European Cup Zagreb 2019 took place. As always it is one of the biggest competitions on the circuit for the U18. 723 youngsters came to Croatia to fight for the medals. The Ippon Gear talents did not disappoint and showed that they are also among the best!

On day one of competition, we saw many great performances and amongst them was Croatian home favorite Ana Viktorija Puljiz, the first year Junior who already made her mark in the Juniors division, won the gold medal in front of her home crowd. The Junior European Championships medalist made the transition from -44 kg to -48 kg and it showed to be a successful one.

Another amazing performance was Hungarian -55 kg lightweight Bence Farkas that made it to the top of the podium and could end his day with the national anthem in the background. On top of his gold medal performance, he had a total of six fights which were all decided on Ippon which we love to see! Great judo from the youngster!

In the -66 kg weight category another Hungarian climbed to the top of the podium as Daniel Szegedi won the category after seven matches. The -66 kg category was a highly competitive one and had a total of 80 boys fighting for the medal and Szegedi came out on top. A big performance from him!


Peter Safrany topped Hungary’s golden rush with another gold medal on day two in the -81 kg category. The young Hungarian lived up to his teammates’ performances from day one and also delivered strong judo throughout his day. All his matches ended before the clock ran out with Ippon.

Adam Kopecky of Czech Republic delivered an excellent performance as well. The Czech youngster also ended his day with a gold medal after 6 fights in the huge and competitive category.

Also, Austria’s Aslan Papoyan made it to the final in -90 kg after a strong performance on day two of competition where he showed great judo and huge throwing skills as well but had to settle for the silver medal in the end of the day.

His teammate Rosalie Woess in -57 kg also made her way to the podium in the big category. After a loss in the semi-final, she bounced back and won the bronze medal as well as another medal for her country!

The Hungarian heavyweight Szilvia Farkas in +70 kg also managed to reach the podium and finished her day with a third place.

Also, Hungarian lightweight Luca Mamira had a strong performance and followed up the boys’ success by making it to the final. She finished her day with a silver medal.

Also, many other athletes showed that they are just near the medals. Adam Safer and Verena Hiden both from Austria made it to the bronze medal match but sadly lost out and finished on fifth places. Barbora Ondrouskova of Czech Republic also finished on a fifth place. But good results in the strong competition!

David Ivanian, Filip Ivanka, Karl Turk Prilinn, Nina Simic, Eszter Harmath, Anna Skalska, Nikolett Sagi finished on 7th places.

On top of all the strong performances, Hungary was at the end of the weekend the most winning country. A great outcome for the team! The performances from the Ippon Gear athletes shows that we have a great generation of youngster that are all hungry to get the Ippon and win the medals!

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