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Introducing the IPPONGEAR Olympic Team - Part 2

When the Olympic Games in Paris will begin on 26 th of July, Team IPPONGEAR can be proud to have a total number of 32 athletes represented. Today, we are excited to already introduce to you: Our light-middle weight athletes.

Katarina Kristo (-63 kg, Croatia)

Croatia’s Katarina Kristo has had a terrific season and is sure on great form at the moment. The only 22-years-old Croatian has captured not less than three Grand Slam medals this year, including a gold medal at the Barysy Grand Slam in Kazakhstan less than two months ago. Kristo was in a tight run for the Olympic spot against teammate Iva Oberan, however, in the end of the day, it was Kristo who was able to book herself the ticket to Paris.  

Lubjana Piovesana (-63 kg, Austria)

Lubjana “Lulu” Piovesana of Austria rapidly climbed the World Ranking list this year, as she was able to capture two Grand Slam titles, first in Baku and later in Dushanbe to secure her Olympic spot.
As ranked #10 on the World Ranking list, Piovesana just missed out on a seeded position, but is sure a dark horse with the abilities to upset either of the favorites in the -63 kg category. 

Renata Zachova (-63 kg, Czech Republic)

Earlier this year, Renata Zachova made history for Czech Republic, as she became the first ever female athlete to win the European title, following in the footsteps of Czech legend, Lukas Krpalek. Zachova will be coming into the competition unseeded but has already showed her abilities to perform under pressure. Will Zachova be able to repeat her success in Paris? 

Szofi Ozbas (-63 kg, Hungary)

Hungarian Szofi Ozbas is always a strong contender in the -63 kg category and seem to be on great form at the moment, having captured not less than four medals at the IJF World Tour over the last year. Ozbas competed at the Olympic Games in Tokyo at the age of just 19 but will be going into the Olympic Games in Paris with a lot more experience, aiming to capture her first Olympic medal. 

Jack Yonezuka (-73 kg, USA)

American Jack Yonezuka will be among the athletes making their Olympic debut in the capital of France this summer. The 21-years-old became runner-up at the Junior World Championships in 2023 and since then, he has steadily gained ground in the senior category. In March, he was able to capture a bronze medal at the Grand Prix in Linz, his first medal at the IJF World Tour. From Junior World medalist to Olympian, this summer, the young American will find himself at the Olympic Games, trying to upset the top seeded athletes in the -73 kg category.

Tohar Butbul (-73 kg, Israel)

Tohar Butbul of Israel will be attending his second Olympic Games this summer. The Israeli athlete competed at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, where he reached a 7 th place but will be aiming to upgrade this result to a podium spot in Paris. Butbul won a bronze medal at the Grand Slam in Tbilisi earlier this year, showing that he ready to perform.

Good luck to all our IPPONGEAR athletes! We are proud to stand behind you on the Olympic journey. 

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