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Introducing the IPPONGEAR Olympic Team - Part 4

When the Olympic Games in Paris will begin on 26 th of July, Team IPPONGEAR can be proud to have a total number of 32 athletes represented. Today, we are excited to already introduce to you: Our heavyweight athletes.

Lukas Krpalek (+100 kg, Czech Republic)

The current Olympic Champion, Czech legend Lukas Krpalek will be making his fourth Olympic appearance at the Games in Paris. Krpalek became Olympic Champion for the first time in Rio in 2016, where he competed in the -100 kg category. Five years later in Tokyo, Krpalek claimed yet another Olympic title, however this time in the +100 kg category. Krpalek, who as well, is a former World Champion in both categories, will be aiming to capture his third Olympic title and emphasise his hero status as one of the most decorated athletes of all time.

David Klammert (-90 kg, Czech Republic)

David Klammert of Czech Republic captured a silver medal in one of last qualification events, the Grand Slam in Dushanbe, which secured the Czech athlete a spot at his second Olympic Games. Klammert will be an underdog in the -90 kg category, however, he has already shown, that he is able to strike under pressure.

Krisztian Toth (-90 kg, Hungary)

The Olympic Games in Paris, will be the third Olympic appaerence for the experienced Hungarian athlete, Krisztian Toth. Toth captured a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Paris and will aim to come away with yet another Olympic medal. Toth is known for his good sportsmanship, which makes him a respected opponent, as well as a fan favorite among the public.  

Marcus Nyman (-90 kg, Sweden)

Sweden’s Marcus Nyman will be one of most experienced athletes at the Olympic Games in Paris, which will be his fourth Olympic Games. Nyman just missed out on a medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and did afterwards announce his retirement from competitive judo. However, Nyman made a comeback in the end of 2022 by winning the Grand Slam in Baku and less than a year later, captured his second World medal. The 33-years-old Swede will come into the competition unseeded but has shown on multiple occasions that he has the abilities to beat everyone in the category.  

Zlatko Kumric (-100 kg, Croatia)

Zlatko Kumric of Croatia will be attending his first Olympic Games in Paris, as the only male athlete on the Croatian Olympic team. Kumric was able to come away with two medals at the World Tour in 2023, giving him a good boost on the Olympic Ranking list. At this year’s European Championships, Kumric narrowly missed on a medal, however he was able to upset a number of top players on the way, underlining his abilities.  

Aaron Fara (-100 kg, Austria)

Austrian Aaron Fara rapidly climbed the World Ranking list in the beginning of 2023, where he was able to reach two Grand Slam finals in a row, clinching first a silver and then a gold medal. Fara is often a crowd favorite, as his unorthodox style of judo catches the eye and he will for sure be going for the big score in Paris.

Anna-Maria Wagner (-78 kg, Germany)

Anna-Maria Wagner of Germany is without a doubt on great form. The German has had a terrific year and has been able to win no less than four Grand Slam medals, as well as capture the second World title of her career. Wagner will be going into the Olympic Games in Paris with the red backpatch, which surely will give her a confidence boost. The tall German has only once missed out on a medal this year and is without a doubt, one of the strongest contenders to win the Olympic title in Paris in the -78 kg category. 

Rochele Nunes (+78 kg, Portugal)

Portuguese heavyweight Rochele Nunes has been performing consistently throughout the whole qualification period and her medal collection includes several Grand Slam medals, showing how she is one to watch in the +78 kg category. The 35-years-old Portuguese is currently ranked #13 in the world and definitely has the capacity to upset the top seeded athletes in the women’s heavyweight division.

Milica Zabic (+78 kg, Serbia)

Milica Zabic of Serbia will be making her Olympic debut at the Olympic Gamesin Paris. Zabic has won several medals on the World Tour, including Grand Slam gold in Baku, back in 2022. The Serbian is known to be one of the most explosive athletes in the women’s heavyweight division and will be aiming to capture a medal on the last day of the individual competition. 

Good luck to all our IPPONGEAR athletes! We are proud to stand behind you on the Olympic journey.

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