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This weekend, the Junior European Cup Tour moved to Germany. 528 competitiors from 38 different Nations made their way to Berlin to take part in what is usually one of the most competitive events on the Junior European Cup Tour - The traditional Berlin European Cup.

Lightweight girls, Hungarian Fatime Beringer (-44 kg) and German Mascha Ballhaus (-48 kg) impressed on the first day of competition, as they each collected a bronze medal in their respective categories. Both two athletes have had a very good season, having collected not less than five European Cup medals each.

Seija Ballhaus (Germany) narrowly missed out on a medal and ended up with a 5th place in the -52 kg category. On the men’s side Nikolas Rechberger of Austria managed to finish with a 7th place in the category -55 kg. 


On the second day of actions, six more medals were awarded to athletes supported by Ippon Gear. 

Mathias Madsen of Denmark secured the top spot in the category -100 kg. Also, he had a successful year, with a total of now five medals. Madsen had already been in two European Cup finals this year,. After getting two silver medals he managed to get the color he wanted this time. 

In the category -81 kg, Hungary could take up two spots on the podium, as there was a silver medal for Robert Rajkai and a bronze medal for Roland Goz - It is the second time this year, that these two boys get to stand alongside each other on a European Cup podium.  

Tim Schmidt of Germany (UJKC POTSDAM) picked up a bronze medal in the category -90 kg, his third European Cup medal this year. 

Another bronze medal went to UJKC team mate Erik Abramov in the +100 kg category. The heavyweight did also pick up three Junior European Cup medals this year, as well as a bronze medal in the recent Senior European Cup in Saarbrücken. 


Last but not least, there was a bronze medal for Marlene Galandi, also from Germany (UJKC POTSDAM), in the category -70 kg. Galandi, only 18 years old, also already won a Senior European Cup medal and could now add her first Junior European Cup medal of the year to her collection.  

In the category -78 kg Croatian Petrunjela Pavic also had a chance for a medal, but had to settle for a 5th place at the end. 

In two weeks, more action is to come as it’s time for the last Junior European Cup of the year, taking place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 

The Judo World Tour will move to Hungary for the Budapest Grand Prix, where the athletes will have another chance to collect points for the Olympic Qualification.

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