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Munich MMA: More than just a Martial Arts Gym

Welcome to the world of Munich MMA, where martial arts is not just a passion but a way of life. Since its founding in 2007, the Munich MMA team has grown steadily and now includes 3 locations in Munich with a total of over 1000 members. With a diverse offering for children, teens, and adults in Nogi, BJJ, MMA, and Muay Thai, the gym is more than just a place to train – it's where people come together as a team and grow with their strengths.

Starting with a small training group in 2007 as subtenants in other sports schools or youth centers, the first own gym was established in 2012 - Leopoldstraße in Munich. Through consistent and organic growth of the gym and the dedication and passion for martial arts, they opened a second location near Nordbad seven years later, which has now become the flagship gym. It only took one year for Munich MMA to have three locations. In 2020, Ben Freudenberger and Raphael Lesnino founded their 3rd location in Munich’s Westend.

Despite the geographical expansion, the team of Munich MMA remains closely connected. The schedules in the three gyms are perfectly coordinated, and most members and trainers train at all three locations. Munich MMA aims to set the standards for contemporary martial arts in Munich as a strong team. From children's training to the pros. From young assistant coaches to experienced full-time trainers. On the mat and online.

A strong team is highly valued at Munich MMA. This is the foundation of their success, and it's why many team members and most coaches have been with the gym for over a decade. With this team, they pursue their vision together: A perfectly equipped training center with over 1000 square meters, centrally located in Munich.

One of the key components of their success is having the best possible equipment. Therefore, Munich MMA has relied on a successful and comprehensive partnership with IPPONGEAR for several years. "The nice and authentic team and the direct contact with the dedicated and creative owner fits perfectly with our self-image," (Ben Freudenberger, CEO of Munich MMA). The range includes IPPONGEAR Gis, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Nogi Fight Shorts and Rashguards – everything can be customized on request.

At Munich MMA, it's not just about training but also about community, support and personal development of each individual. It's a place where you not only improve your physical abilities but also strengthen your mind and achieve your goals. Welcome to Munich MMA – the home of martial arts.

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