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With the Chapter 2, IPPONGEAR kickstarts a period of new products, sports and services. Learn more about the next level of the IPPONGEAR journey.

The Covid pandemic shaped the past 2 years all around world and of course, also left its marks in the sports industry. IPPONGEAR got hit hard as well by the lockdown period, right when the brand seemed to reach its peak beginning of 2021.

There are always hits in life, like there are in sports. No great athletes went through sunshine all his or her career. But it’s the champions that use a down period to come back even stronger. This is how we tried to see the last 2 years at IPPONGEAR. It was the first time in brand history, when things slowed down a bit during a speedy growth of the brand. This was the time to review products, strategy, and to set future brand goals. We wanted to be ready when things get back to normal.


March 2020, it was decided to leave the existing home of IPPONGEAR and to build a brand new IPPONGEAR Headquarter. A centre of modern workspace for our staff, more office and storage capacities, and a bigger customisation department, to keep and improve our high service level.

Since September 2021, we proudly supply and welcome all our clients, athletes, clubs, and federation in and out of our new IPPONGEAR Headquarter.


Judo will always be the sport in the centre of our heart. But we are Martial Artists, and passionate for other combat sports, too. We decided to add high quality products for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Karate during our Chapter 2, sports where we could use our 30 years of Martial Arts and 15 years of product experience.

Especially the fast developing and exiting sport of Jiu Jitsu impressed us with a great culture and lifestyle. Over the next years, we want to become the leading partner for BJJ gyms in Europe convincing athletes and coaches with high quality products, new ideas and great services.

Our BJJ Range was developed with athletes and coaches to ensure to fulfill the demands of beginners and professional BJJ athletes. One of the highlights in the range, is our successful Mix & Match system for uniforms, as we already used it in Judo. 67% of our Judo clients need a different size of pants and Jacket.

Therefore, we will offer our BJJ pants and jackets separetaly as well, to ensure a perfect fit for the athletes. Further we will offer everything from single BJJ uniforms up to fully customised gym products.



5 years of IPPONGEAR anniversary, an expanded product range and new ideas and technologies were reason enough to also renew our look, with the vision to become the leading Martial Arts brand around the world.

The new IPPONGEAR logo respects our past, shines through simplicity and highlights the combining symbol of all our main sports, the belt. This new logo will stand for the new era at IPPONGEAR.

All those changes, the new look combined with new developments and improvements will take the IPPONGEAR range to the next level.

IPPON GEAR is ready for Chapter 2.Because we are all...


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