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STRONGER TOGETHER: IPPON GEAR donates judogi masks for children in Nepal

Good news in these challenging times, which the whole world is currently going through, encourage us to keep going and to keep fighting. We would like to share one of these beautiful stories with you.

"The worldwide Judo family is bigger and stronger than we all can ever imagine!”

This is what the Austrian national judo fighter, Sabrina Filzmoser, can draw as an interim conclusion. She organizes this aid project in Nepal and fights with everything she can against custom restrictions, local regulations and lockdown standstills. This is the only way to ensure that in the pandemic period, necessary relief measures reach these people who need them so urgently.

Naturally, COVID-19 doesn't make an exception in the poorest regions of the world. Unfortunately, the health emergency is developing catastrophically due to the virus, especially in the impoverished mountain regions of Nepal. Hospitals and medical care are in almost unreachable distance for these people and the necessary hygiene to fight against such a virus is not sufficiently available.

Therefore, IPPON GEAR wants to help those people who are not able to protect themselves. After months of traveling and with the help of Sabrina Filzmoser a part of our IPPON GEAR Judogi Masks found grateful recipients in the orphanages of Kathmandu, capital of Nepal. Although the way there was a logistic mammoth task, the journey of our IPPON GEAR masks is not over yet. Especially the remote villages, which have now also been hit by COVID-19, need protection measures extremely urgently. But the current quarantine makes it very difficult to distribute relief supplies. Cut off from the rest of the country, the inhabitants in the higher located areas of the Everest region live as self-sufficient. They plant fruits and vegetables up at 3000m altitude and live from the potatoes in the stony hard, barren ground outside the door up at 5000m! The long lockdowns from China and India have resulted in no more deliveries of rice and lentils.

Now more than ever the motto is "Stronger together!”. Up there in the Mount Everest region is the destination of our Judogi Masks: The Monjo School at 2800m as well as the even higher located Sir Edmund Hillary School. After such a long and arduous journey, we remain positive that the IPPON GEAR masks will finally reach the end of their journey and thus protect the children from further infections.

At IPPON GEAR we are very proud to make a contribution to protect people around the world from this pandemic. Through aid projects like this and people like Sabrina Filzmoser, assistance and support also reaches those areas that are dependent on it.
Thank you Sabsi for your tireless efforts!

Stay safe and healthy!

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