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The Ippon Shop accepts the challenge COVID-19 and is ready for 2021 – Stronger than ever

2020 – a year that none of us will forget. The year 2020 was and still is marked by a pandemic - triggered by COVID-19. It started in the Far East and quickly spread to Europe and the whole world. The consequences were unimaginable. A complete lockdown, almost worldwide. Empty streets, stores had to close and sports in clubs and gyms were no longer allowed. Cohesion, mutual consideration, and support was more important than ever.

Even we, at the IPPON SHOP, had to shut down our operations as a result of the complete shutdown in all Martial Arts. The athletes shifted their training to their homes and found alternative solutions to keep themselves in shape. And this is exactly where the IPPON SHOP became active. We saw the lockdown as an opportunity to pursue already long thought-out ideas and to commit to them.

In addition to our existing training tool range, we managed to expand the fitness section by entering a cooperation with Suples. Since then, we can offer you a wide range of fitness tools with Bulgarian Bags, Dummies, Battle Ropes and a lot more. Further, we extended our own IPPON GEAR fitness range with tools focused on Martial Arts training.

Besides the expansion of the fitness section, it was just as important to us at the IPPON SHOP to equip our Karateka again with top Karate suits, belts and other equipment. After a great past in the sports of Karate, with over 15 years of adidas Karate distribution, we are now looking forward to a new partnership with the world's leading Karate brand Arawaza. It was important for us to offer a brand in Karate that represents quality and the same passion for Martial Arts as we do. That is why we have consciously chosen Arawaza. Already for a long time in discussions, we used the lockdown time to integrate the Karate brand Arawaza in the IPPON SHOP. Now, with this karate assortment, we can equip all Karateka with high-quality Karate products.

Last but not least, we took the opportunity to expand our club service with an in-house embroidery department, so that we can make your wishes and ideas possible, more professional and faster than ever. Even the newly available IPPON GEAR Judogi masks can be embroidered with your club logo or name. Beside the embroidery service, the high demand for our printing service remains, which we will continue to follow as reliably as usual.

If you have any questions about our embroidery or printing services or about special club conditions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

As you can see, a lot has changed in the IPPON SHOP. With our extended assortment and services, we are able to offer an even more professional support to our athletes, clubs and gyms.

We are looking forward to welcome you at the IPPON SHOP in 2021, with lots of passion for Martial Arts. Stay safe and fit!

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