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Welcome to the Krpalek Academy: Where Children experience Judo

Two-time Olympic champion and multiple world champion Lukas Krpalek has set out to pass on his wealth of experience and passion for the sport to children, guiding and empowering them in both sports and personal development. To achieve this, he founded his own Judo Academy in Prague in September 2022 - the Krpalek Academy.

Currently, the Krpalek Academy, which counts around 200 children, offers comprehensive Judo training for kids. With a clear focus on holistic development to promote children and adolescents, the academy is a place where not only the techniques of Judo are taught, but also values such as discipline, respect, and perseverance are fostered. Every child can feel welcome here and has the opportunity to unfold their full potential and build new friendships.

The home of Lukas Krpalek's academy is in the premises of the Rokytka Fitness Center. Here, children have ample space to train and pursue their sport on a generous area of 800 square meters.

An important aspect of the academy is the high-quality training equipment. Therefore, Lukas and his team have decided to partner with IPPONGEAR. This collaboration ensures that the children and the team are equipped with premium team attire and Judo suits that not only offer comfort and functionality but also create a sense of belonging and unity.

For Lukas Krpalek and his dedicated team, the Krpalek Academy is a place of community and promotion. Here, children are shaped into strong, confident, and responsible young individuals and guided in their development.

You can learn more about the Krpalek Academy here:

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