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The next stop on the Junior European Judo Tour was in Paks, Hungary this weekend. As usual, it was a busy weekend in the small and warm sports hall. 362 competitors and 29 nations took part in the prestigious European Cup and once again the whole world was represented at the competition which saw countries from the European, Pan American and Oceanian region.

On day one of competition, the Ballhaus twins showed how well they have adapted into the junior category by picking up a gold medal and a silver medal. In -48 kg, Mascha took the gold after winning against Tamar Malca of Israel in an exciting match with a lot of big attacks and scores.

Her twin sister, Seija, took the silver one category higher at -52 kg. She only narrowly lost out to Italian Martina Castagnola in the final fight. It is both of the girls’ third Junior European Cup medal this year which confirms their high level. 

Another two gold medals were won by IPPONGEAR youngsters. Mari Hoellwart went all the way to the final where she managed to secure the gold medal for the Austrian team. Also, Croatian Karla Prodan got back to back gold medals as she followed up last weekend’s success in Poland with another one this weekend at -78 kg. 


Yet again, Hungary showed that they have a lot of youngsters at the top of the game. They picked up a total of 11 medals over the weekend. Three of them were gold medals.

One of the gold medals was won by Endre Gunics on day 2 in -73 kg. He finished all of his preliminary fights before time with stunning Judo. On day 1 of the competition, Hungary heard their national anthem being played twice. First in -81 kg where Robert Rajkai places himself on top of the podium and he was able to win all of his five fights on ippon. His teammate Apor Toth followed up his success in the -90 kg category. It was the Hungarian’s second medal of the season and his first gold medal in juniors. 

A lot more Hungarians could end the day on top of the podium. Fatime Beringer reached the final in -44 kg but unfortunately lost that match. Also, Fanni Toth In -78 kg was able to go all the way to the final where she lost out to the IPPONGEAR athlete Karla Prodan. Roland Goz also got a silver medal in the big category of 39 players in -81 kg. The fourth and final silver medal was one by heavyweight Richard Waczulik in +100 kg.

Furthermore, the Hungarians also won four bronze medals. They were won by Csanad Feczko on day 2 in -55 kg who shows how well he has transitioned himself into juniors after ending his cadet years with two championships medals. Akos Kozma in -66 kg took home another bronze medal for the Hungarian team.

On day 2, the heavyweights women picked up two bronze medals in +78 kg as Mercedesz Szigetvari and Szilvia Farkas reached the podium. No doubt that the home European Junior Cup was a success for the Hungarian team. 

We also saw three of the Austrian youngsters on the podium as Nikolas Rechberger finished third as did Lisa Dengg in the -48 kg weight category. Furthermore, -90 kg fighter Sebastian Schneider also saw himself go home with a bronze medal.

A lot of the other IPPONGEAR youngsters placed themselves right outside the podium. It was fifth places for Peter Arvai, Zsombor Kurtan, David Naji, Patricia Szladovics, Fanni Vaska, Jacqueline Springer, Josip Kokeza, Peteunjela Pavic, Andela Violic and Joshua Paltielov.  

Furthermore, these athletes finished seventh in their categories: Andras Vida, Titanilla Abraham, Brigitta Varga, Lucija Babic and Helena Vukovic

Yet another successful weekend for the IPPONGEAR team and the Junior World Tour continues next weekend in Prague where another number of our athletes will try and reach the top of the podium.

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