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The first Junior European Cup out of four in July month was held in Gdynia, Poland. Participants from across the world took part in the competition as players from Australia and the United States were there.

Once again, the Ippon Gear youngsters showed that they belong in the top as they took home 3 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 5 bronze medals.

It was gold for Croatian Karla Prodan in -78 kg. She won all her fights in big style by winning all of them with Ippon. She showed a strong performance and that she belongs to the best of her category.  

Another gold went to Jelle Snippe from the Netherlands in -100 kg, who bested Danish Mathias Madsen in a very close all Ippon Gear final. It was in golden score that the deciding and third shido was given to Madsen after a match with several big attacks from both players.

The third and final gold was won by Renata Zachova from Czech Republic in -63 kg who one by one eliminated some of the strongest players in the category and showed magnificent Judo on her route to gold.

In the semi final, she took out another Ippon Gear athlete as she threw Laerke Marie Olsen of Denmark, who ended winning bronze and claiming her third European Cup medal of the season.

Also, on day one of the competition Czech Republic picked up 3 bronze medals. The first of them went to no other than Vera Zemanova in -57 kg. She showed brilliant Judo as all of of her winning fights were won by ippon.

The next bronze medal was won by -66 kg fighter Tomas Binhak, who defeated another Ippon Gear athlete in the bronze medal match. It was Danish Jonas Cjakowski who had to settle for fifth place in a highly competitive category.

The third and final bronze medal for Czech Republic was won by Adam Bydzovsky in -73 kg. He had a long day with six fights, where he only lost in the preliminary round to the later silver medalist after having led the whole fight with a wazaari.

Achmed Mouzaev in -90 kg finished 7th. The impressive performance of the small team from Czech Republic shows a promising performance ahead of their home competition as the European Cup in 2 weeks takes place in their capital, Prague.


All the way from the United States of America we saw an Ippon Gear youngster picking up a medal. It was Joshua Paltielov in +100 kg that showed his skills on European ground and that he is one to watch as well.

All in all, another very successful weekend for the Ippon Gear and the junior tour continues next weekend in Paks, Hungary where a number of Ippon Gear athletes are heading.

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